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Kisah Dua Jendela
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Kisah Dua Jendela


92 minutes   |   Indonesia   |   English Subtitle   |   Suryo Wiyogo |   Paul Agusta

Andrea (Dinda Kanyadewi) has a unique and highly specialized job that requires her to work alone from night to morning in a near-empty office building. Leon (Khiva Iskak) is a writer, who goes out at night after his son falls asleep to write at his favorite coffee shop across from Andrea’s building. The two could begin to notice each other’s presence to their respective windows and they start to wonder about each other and themselves.

Music Video

Sebuah Awal.

Song and Sung by Mian Tiara

Music by Chaka Priambudi

We were so impressed with the song and became immediately silence when we listening to it for the first time. It was, and still is, a beautiful song, an emotional piece of art, that deserves to be part of something special.  The song is written and sung by Mian Tiara, it tells the story about her own ‘larger-than-life’ experience when she was pregnant for the first time. A new magical beginning in her life. The simple yet so powerful music was composed by Chaka Priambudi. And for you, music and film lovers; listen to the song, pay attention on the lyrics, watch the movie, and you’ll understand why the song is very well related to the movie. Enjoy the music video on this movie's video channel.

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