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Tiga Dara

Tiga Dara

116 minutes   |   Indonesia   |   English Subtitle   |   Usmar Ismail

A Treasure of Indonesia Cinema is Now Saved and Restored Using Top Skilled Human Resources and the Best Technology Available for Excellent Viewing Experience.

Everlasting Love

Directed by Usmar Ismail, the movie became a trend-setter for it's generation, It is also receiving so much love from current generation of audiences, and believed to be loved by generations to come, as the story is timeless and relevant to before, current, and future generations. Enjoy the time travel, see details you have never seen before, and prepare to be amazed by Indonesian early days of cinematography.

Thousands Hours of Works

The physical restoration of the film was done at L'immagine Ritrovata film laboratory in Bologna, Italy. While the digital restoration was done by PT. Render Digital Indonesia in Jakarta, Indonesia. It took 17 (seventeen) months for the restoration work to complete. Attended by more than 1,000 anthusiastic guests, the Premier of Tiga Dara (4K) was held on August 11, 2016, at Metropole Cineplex, in Jakarta. Tiga Dara is the first Indonesian movie that is restored using 4K technology.

Everlasting Songs

The music and songs in Tiga Dara were composed mainly by Indonesian maestro Saiful Bahri, Ismail Marzuki (contributed one song; Pilih Menantu), and Oetjin Nurhasjim (contributed two songs: Letnan Hardi and Siapa Namanja). The songs from this film has become so popular that it is hard to find any other Indonesian fim with such impact, even until today. Tiga Dara won Best Music Arranger on Indonesia Film Festival 1960 - four years after it was released.

The 4K Restoration

Most of the restoration works were done by Indonesian. Two Indonesian women were involved directly in the physical restoration works at L'immagine Ritrovata Film Laboratory, Italy; one in film physical repairs, and the other on films comparison. Music and song are very important aspect in this movie, therefore to ensure the best possible end-result, the audio restoration were done both in Italy and in Indonesia. The digital restoration of the film was probably the most complicated work, as it is very expensive and nobody in Indonesia has ever done 4K digital restoration before. 

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